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Get Your Office Space Safe

Thankfully businesses are getting back to work but the 'normal' workspace environment has changed. This pandemic has had a toll on most businesses so at LMI Solutions we intend to help however we can to get small, medium and large companies up, running and safe.

Safety Screens

A safety screen or sneeze screen is one of the solutions we offer, it is one of our most popular and in customers eyes an essential one. This is proven for two reasons

  1. A screen positioned correctly is proven to reduce the spread of infection.

  2. Confidence & wellbeing -Staff & customers have the benefit of wellbeing in the workplace due to the visual sight of a screen. It is proven that individuals feel they are being protected by their company to come back to the office environment.

With regards to our counter screens, the customers and staff feel confident they are protected.

Our products are made from aluminium profile fitted with perspex or glass. Our products are created to suit your needs - privacy strips, glovebox, slide doors, UV films, advertisements, logo's etc.

Below are some screens currently in place. See our gallery for more products.

Please get in touch if we can help you and your company be safe and stay safe.

Call - 01942 820088

Visit our website here - Website

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