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LMI Solutions - NORCAN Products

LMI Solutions through the global pandemic have become a close, forward thinking team. As an exclusive UK supplier for Norcan products, both companies share core principles of providing solutions to help UK businesses. LMI Solutions have been able to adapt, design, create and implement change to suit the need of the industry.

What We Do

Norcan is a modular mechanical system that uses aluminium profiles, ABS coated pipes, conveyor components and accessories. This system enables us to offer your business an infinite number of tailor-made solutions for all industry segments, as well as logistics and distribution companies and e-commerce operators - Norcan is also developing in collaborative robotics (SHERPA® Family) and distribution products.

Through Covid19 we have helped UK companies stay open or get back to work safely with our products and proud to support our NHS

Storage Solutions

We produce storage to suit your astethics and budget. Our products can be designed to withstand weighted loads, staff task ergonomics, function with durability that guarantee you will beome a long lasting happy client. Our team go above and beyond - Just ask our current clients !

Guarding, conveyors and workstations are manufactured onsite and delivered to you. We enjoy working with companies and their product development team, ergonomics and engineers - together we get it right first time!

Call - 01942 820088

Our clients in industry highly recommend our designs and workmanship. Can we help you?

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