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LMI Solutions - NORCAN Products

From the ashes of Modular Robotic Systems, LMI Solutions emerged as its successor with three directors from the original business. Our communication and relationship with Norcan in France is stronger and our shared principles of providing solutions to help UK businesses achieve is our joint mission. As the exclusive UK agent for Norcan products we have been able to adapt, design, create and implement change to suit the need of the industry - especially during Covid19.

Norcan in France, was founded in 1987 dealing in modular and custom-built industrial solutions and is now the leader and a key player in Europe. For more information on the history of Norcan click here.

At LMI Solutions we are focusing on helping business through Product Solutions and Safety Solutions.

What Can LMI Solutions Do For Me?

Norcan is a modular mechanical system that uses aluminium profiles, ABS coated pipes, conveyor components and accessories. This system enables us to offer your business an infinite number of tailor-made solutions for all industry segments, as well as logistics and distribution companies and e-commerce operators - Norcan is also developing in collaborative robotics (SHERPA® Family) and distribution products.

Through Covid19 we have helped 100's of businesses open and stay safe with our new Safety Screens catering for all budgets. Get in touch if you need our help.

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Our clients in industry highly recommend our designs and workmanship. Let us help you.

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