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LMI Solutions: Crafting Excellence with French Elegance - A Journey of Manufacturing Brilliance


In the world of engineering and manufacturing, one name stands tall - LMI Solutions. As the UK agent of Norcan products they specialise in delivering and designing premium aluminium products to transform into crafted masterpieces to meet client needs. LMI was founded in 2017, the company's journey has been nothing short of remarkable, with its revenue quadrupling since inception and its workforce evolving into a dynamic team of skilled professionals. This blog takes you on a fascinating tour, where French finesse meets engineering prowess, resulting in a legacy of success and excellence.

The Story: From Inception to Triumph

In 2017, LMI Solutions began its journey with a clear vision: to deliver designed Norcan products of uncompromising quality to clients in the UK, Today, LMI Solutions stand as a testament to what can be achieved with three friends who united with unwavering dedication, innovation, and an unquenchable thirst for perfection. LMI Solutions has steadily expanded its operations, capturing large markets and redefining industry standards for SME's.

French Elegance, Global Presence: Norcan's International Reach

While Norcan is based in France having international reach, LMI Solutions are key influencers that cover the UK. LMI Solutions dedication to excellence has earned it a prominent place in the UK market, with clients from various industries LMI's aluminium profiles grace businesses of all sizes, reflecting the company's commitment to delivering sophistication and reliability on a national scale.

People Power: Nurturing Skills and Expertise

LMI Solution's growth goes beyond revenue figures; it's also a story of nurturing talent and fostering a culture of learning. The company's success is attributed to its top-fed knowledge and hands-on experience to create its skilled workforce. Since its inception, LMI Solutions has invested in its employees, providing them with opportunities for skill development and career advancement. The result is a team that takes pride in their work, infusing each aluminium profile with dedication and precision.

A Great Company to Work For: LMI Solutions Workplace Culture

Behind every successful company is a thriving workplace culture, and LMI Solutions is no exception. The company places a premium on employee well-being, encouraging collaboration, innovation, and work-life balance. It's no wonder that LMI Solutions has earned a reputation as a fantastic company to work for, attracting top talent and fostering a sense of unity among its staff.

Innovating Tomorrow: LMI Solutions Vision for the Future

As LMI Solutions continues its journey of excellence, the company's vision remains steadfast. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and continuous improvement, Norcan aims to set new benchmarks in the industry. By pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons, LMI Solutions aspire to leave a lasting legacy of innovation for generations to come.


In a world where engineering marvels are born every day, LMI Solutions shine a beacon of craftsmanship, innovation, with French elegance. From its humble beginnings to its current stature, the company's trajectory is nothing short of inspiring. As LMI Solutions continues to deliver and design manufacturing aesthetics, one thing is certain - its journey of excellence has only just begun.

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